we are Valerio and Helmar and this is the opening post of just another software development centric blog.
Why another blog about software development, you may be wondering… well we decided to open this blog as a motivation to keep on studying and experimenting  with new technologies, given that our jobs alone don’t allow us to always keep the pace with latest stuff or simply with stuff we like.
Of course this is also a mean to share our thoughts, doubts, solutions to problems we may deal with at work and we think someone can be interested at, and last but not least to receive feedback that may help us to improve our software design and development skills.
Given that we work and like different programming languages and tools, on this blog you will be able to find articles about both .Net and Java technologies and related stuff.
The blog will have different kinds of entries: from quick tips and tricks posts to full tutorial, plus posts about theoric themes and concepts.
That’s it.
If you want to know more about us, then “About” is the page you are looking for.
Valerio and Helmar

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