Moving to Silvrback!



After a few years here on WordPress I decided to move my blog over to Silvrback, a new and shiny blogging platform that is perfect for a technical blog which aims at simplicity and at a distraction-free experience.
The big plus is the Markdown editor, leap and bounds ahead of the WordPress post editor… it has always been somewhat painful to write technical posts on it, but now that alternatives are available at cheap prices (and totally managed in the cloud), I decided to go for it.

As I was already moving I also decided to buy a proper domain, so it will be easier to associate the content of my posts to my profile.
Hopefully this will be my last post here and I hope that the few readers I have will continue to follow me at my new home.

Enough already with words, the new URL to bookmark is

As a bonus, I’ve just published a new tutorial about using Microsoft Azure to send out push notifications over to Android devices, so go check it out!

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