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Hello everybody,

I’m Valerio and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you on these pages!
I decided to open a blog mainly to have a place where to share thoughts, impressions, tips and tricks, code and why not, doubts that come from my day to day work experience.

It should also serve as a sort of motivation for continuous self-improvement through studying, testing and sharing of the results.
Last but not least, it will also be a way to improve my communication skills and my English writing skill, so please bear with me should you find typos or mistakes!

And now more about me:
I’m an Italian expat currently living in the South of France, working as project manager / lead developer in an IT service company, leading a team that works on fixed price projects in an agile environment.
I’m mainly interested in modern Web development, the .Net world, node.js, NoSQL DBs, mobile development and a lot more!
I’m a big fan of the open source world and all the code posted in this blog can be downloaded from my github profile https://github.com/vgheri



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